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Chiro's aspires to carve out your individuality and expression boldly ; and help you celebrate anything awkward or imperfect because we believe there’s nothing more natural than that!
Rather, our sarcastic Tees revolve around ‘talking out loud’ to get your friends ‘laughing out loud’.

Our Mission

Why sarcasm?
Sarcasm is eye-opening; sarcasm is personal; sarcasm is a social phenomenon—and, for us, it’s a personality trait that can make your friends rolling on the ground with laughter.
It’s our deepest desire to give a chance to even the quietest person in the room because our Teasing Tees are true ice breakers and trend setters, try for yourself!

Don’t Jump On the Bandwagon, Personalize!

We believe in branding your unique witty personality more than branding ourselves. You are special and our T-shirts are all about YOU!
Let the puntastic punches define you instead of a brand behind it! Get a personalized Tee that travels faster than the lighting speed before you give your personality a voice.

Our Story

Why the name Chiro's?
Individualistic was my grandfather’s personality whose first name was Chironjilal. Having no access to formal education, he toiled in the fields working hard every day.
Chiro's is essentially a tribute to his spirit of persistence and my favorite tales of humor that he shared with everyone to spread smiles and giggles. Most of all, in spite of all the adversities, he was the one who celebrated his weaknesses and never felt ashamed even if he wasn’t a learnt man!
Keeping it short, Chironjilal was a friend to me who inspired us to stay bold, to never feel embarrassed, and celebrate our strengths proudly!

Our Values

Humor apart; at Chiro's, inspired by my grandfather Chironjilal’s untiring spirit, we place greatest value to manufacturing high-quality Tees that are made of premium fabric quality. Plus, we always endeavor to realize new methods of achieving extraordinary printing details that are fade-resistant and long-lasting.

What Else Defines Us?

To make each Chiro’s T-shirt a puntastic one, we place highest value to crafting premium quality comfort Tees, freedom of expression packed with fun and sarcasm, and spreading smiles!

Express Yourself Freely & Boldly

A Twinkle in the Eye, A Smirk, A Deadpan Stare, Or A Sarcastic Remark; Can you relate with such laughter-generating expressions? We’ve got your back!

Inspire Laughter At First Sight!

We aspire to crack you up; And your friends too! Inspire laughter, whether light-hearted or lacerating, without having to speak up! Let us satisfy your itch for endless sarcasm with our tees yelling hilarious remarks. Make people laugh out loud at a single glance. Because we value laughter, togetherness, and memories that last!

What Else Do We Have to Offer?

Who doesn’t find humor attractive? Why not have the freedom to showcase your personalized punchlines that can crack anyone up at first sight? A call-out to both men and women to share your favorite sarcastic remarks with us and let us create for you a custom t-shirt or tank top in your favorite color! And, Chiro's is constantly bringing forward new clothing and accessories to personalize all your things, so stay tuned!

Jigyasa Anand

Owner and Designer

Siddhant S.

Lead Designer

Shaurya S.

Technical Support
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Shaarav S.

Trend Forecaster
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Shruti Sharma

Social Media Manager
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Mili T.

Graphic Designer
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Uma Bhadriraju

Marketing Manager
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